Sunday, July 12, 2009

Solid Week of Distance Running

This week was a good week of distance running for me, putting the miles in my marathon legs. I hit 60 miles this week, the highest I've gone since training for the Frederick Marathon. On Tuesday I did a nice 10 Mile run at Old Angler's Inn, and Friday I did a Mini Track Workout to get my legs going faster again. 2x800meter with jog/run recovery: 2:25, 2:20. Felt nice running a little faster again. Saturday I went to the Capital Crescent with Beth and ran a solid 8 Miles there. Sunday was a long run with the GRC Team. We met up at The Line and ran through Rock Creek Park and other parts of DC/MD that I am unfamiliar with. Ran through the Zoo again which was fun. Drank a lot of water, I wanted to stay on top of my hydration today, it was humid. It was a solid, semi-hilly run of less than 18 miles. I finished up in 1:56:00 total. The first hour flew by. Lots of guys showed up, made the run merrier.

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