Sunday, August 9, 2009

Difficult Run and 74 miles for the week

Today I met up with Max, Chuck Moeser, and Justin for a run through the beautiful trails of Difficult Run. Moeser owns a 2:24 in the Marathon to his credit and is still very fast for his age now(he's in his late 50's). I was delighted to meet him. I have never been on these trails before and it made my long run quite enjoyable. Difficult Run flows through Fairfax County, Virginia to the Great Falls Park, on the Virginia side of the Potomac River. The Run has been characterized as "a miniature Mather Gorge and Great Falls. We did the hilly loop of 11+ miles and then I ran more on my own since no one wanted to run longer. I estimate that I ended up doing about 19 miles total. I finished in 2:09:30. I'm glad I got the long run in early today, it was getting pretty hot by the time I finished. Still, it doesn't nearly feel as hot as it was down in NC last week.

Mileage Aug 3-9:

Mon- 12 miles
Tues- 9 miles
Wed- 9 miles
Thurs- 10 miles
Fri- 10 miles
Sat- 5 miles
Sun- 19 miles

Total: 74 miles

It feels good to not be racing and just training for a while. 4 weeks until the half marathon. All of these runs have been solid distance runs. I feel very fit, although I will need to do some fast paced workouts soon to really get my legs ready to run a fast half. The goal is 1:11:00.

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