Monday, August 31, 2009

First Breath of Fall

I love fall. It is most definitely my favorite season. Today I felt the first breath of the season: the air was cooler, less humid, and refreshing. I ran a little under 12 miles today at Lake Needwood. I ran comfortably easy, trying to shake out any waste products in my legs.

I guess I like every season, but I look foward to fall the most. The visual change is the most dramatic with the varying coloration of leaves. I probably dislike summer the most as well, just because running in the heat can get pretty miserable. I think December is the worst month since it is dark by 445 pm and I either run in the dark, or run at the gym on the treadmill. Even running in the morning its dark.

So far it looks like the weather will work out this coming weekend, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I feel like I can run very fast under the right conditions.

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