Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 half marathons in a week: 1:15/1:17

The two back to back half marathons I ran within a week were solid workouts in prep for the Marine Corps Marathon in 6 weeks. The first one(Va Beach) was more of a race than the second(The Parks). Today I felt a little of the soreness from Va Beach and ran the Parks at Marathon Race Pace. I would like to think this simulated the marathon in the sense that my legs had already run a hard half the week before and were not very well rested to run another half. I accomplished my goal(I wanted to be right around 1:17:00-ended up running 1:17:19) and felt very relaxed, despite my very achy legs. I would have liked to run faster at Va Beach, 1:15:32 just didn't seem up to my current potential..

I was tired today. I took a loooong nap this afternoon and it was great. I ended up cooling down after the run with Chris Bain who ran 1:16 and change today. I also bought new racing trainers today for the marathon and took a second run this afternoon in them for about 3.5 miles. Ended with 19.5 miles total for the day. The mileage this week was light, however, 45 miles. I am doing no more races until the Marathon. The next 3-4 weeks I am going to train very hard and push the mileage. This is the last push before tapering down for the Marathon the last few weeks.

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