Saturday, September 12, 2009

Easy week and prep for Half Marathon(part 2) on Sunday

This week has been all easy runs. On Monday I took my first day off in over 6 weeks. I needed to recover after Va Beach. Tuesday I ran an easy 3.5 miles with my dog Mickey, Wednesday was an easy 6 miles, Thursday an easy 9 miles, and Friday an easy 7 miles. Half Marathon number 2(The Parks Half Marathon) is tomorrow morning. This is great prep for the marathon. If I can run 2 strong half marathons back to back within a week then it will be a new era of fitness for me. The Marathon is like running a half marathon, then repeating. It is a difficult distance because it is past 20 miles. 20 miles is hard, but the extra 10k calls for exerting some extreme effort and preparing your body to go hard AFTER 20 miles.

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  1. you're the best....and i love you...posting is funnn!