Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 28, 29 and the U2 concert

On Monday, Sept 28, I drove to Swain's Lock on the Towpath and ran 10 miles. On Tuesday, I ran 11 miles on the hilly backroads near my hometown. I went to the U2 concert in Landover on Tuesday night and had a blast. It was my Birthday present from Beth, and we had a wonderful time. My brother Jono and his Bandmember and friend Robbie also came. I know this is a running blog but...U2 is amazing live. The Edge's guitar sounded so clear and the band simply lifts you off your feet into the realm of fantastic music. It is truly great for what all U2 and Bono have done for the World. They are not only rockstars, they are a group symbolizing and initiating a global movement of improvement around the world. Obama was also at the concert, which Bono announced his thanks to him. Well, I'm tired now from all the standing, dancing and screaming at the top of my lungs, and on top of that the rising mileage creeping up and up...

Train hard now, rest, then RACE.


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