Thursday, October 29, 2009

After 3 Days Off, Back Running

After 3 days off, I am back running again. I ran a solo 3.2 miles today on the towpath. It was nice to get out there and run again, even if it was only for 22 minutes.

There is one more part of my 2009 season to complete. The 10Ks. Ah, I like the 10K. It is a good distance for me, a good combination of anerobic and aerobic training. And, it helps my marathon training. I know I have raced a lot this year, but I have also been building back ever since 2007.
Some notible statistics of race Totals for each year:

2007: 2 races: one really bad Marathon, one really bad 1/2 Marathon
2008: 8 races: 1 "off day" Marathon, 2 solid 1/2 marathons, & other race distances
2009: Will be a total of 20 races: 2 Marathons: one was solid, one was an "off day", 2 solid 1/2 marathons, & other race distances

So clearly, I am getting much much stronger. In addition, my total mileage is rising & rising. However, it looks like I will likely race a little bit less in 2010, but more QUALITY racing.

I am feeling a bit more positive about my Marine Corps Marathon run. I felt like the medal I earned deserved to be hung up on my wall of marathon & half marathon medals. The marathon medals I have hung up are all the sub 3 ones: 2:38, 2:43, 2:57. I have come to realize that the marine corps marathon I ran wasn't all that bad, and was still a solid training run. I am building up for something greater. I am building a monster for the marathon distance.

Remaining 2009 Race Schedule:

November 7- Cardinal 5K-Kensington
November 15- Veterans Day 10K
November 26- Bethesda YMCA Turkey Chase 10K
December 13- Jingle All the Way 10K

As for 2010, my race schedule is starting to come together. After I finish up 2009, I likely won't race until March 2010.

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