Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov 11: 75:00 Treadmill Workout

Well, the weather was so crappy yesterday that I decided to do a workout on the treadmill at my local gym. It's always this time of year (Nov-Dec) that I'll hop on the treadmill a few times per month. The treadmill is pretty boring, but I guess since I probably only run on the treadmill literally 5 times per year, it's not too bad. It gets boring quick, however. I did a 75 minute workout yesterday, with 8.5 miles at 6:00 pace/about 11.5 miles total distance.


  1. Good thing you fought off all those chicks to get a treadmill! They are very scary!

  2. Ah, the dreadmill. I do see more people on the treadmill near the winter season. Sadly, I live in a state where it rains 4-6 days a week so running in the rain is something I learned to live with. I recently slipped and sprained my ankle from it and now my husband is freaking out. Should he be Chris? Anyway, he wants me to get a treadmill and I'm asking you for your opinion. Is there a treadmill brand or model you prefer over others base off your experience? I took a little quiz thing and this site said the proform treadmill would match my needs (ProForm treadmills). Have you heard of them?