Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shorter Stuff

After the 10K Race last Sunday, I took Monday off and just went for a nice long walk. I needed to rest a day to build back up for Round 2 in the 10K(coming up in next week's The Turkey Chase!). I only ran 33 miles this week, and most of my runs were pretty short. The longest I ran all week was with the GRC on Saturday for an hour and 8 minutes. We had a great group of people and some new people as well, and discussed 2010 Spring Racing Goals, which went very well(more on 2010 goals and schedule to come soon). On Thursday I did a moderate progression workout on the track, starting at 8:00 pace and working down to 5:20 (10K race pace) for 3 miles around the track.

I feel fitter, faster. I will do a track workout tomorrow afternoon for some more tune up. My goal for this Thursday's Turkey Chase is to average as close to 5:20 pace as possible. Last Sunday I averaged 5:27 pace for the 10K.

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