Monday, December 28, 2009

December 20-27: 57 Miles/Week

Last week I ran 57 miles. I have been steadily increasing the mileage again. It feels good. On Christmas Day I got fed up with the snow and drove to the Canal at Old Angler's Inn. I ran on the packed snow on the usual loop I run there, it actually wasn't too bad. It was nice running there again. At the end of the loop I picked up MacArthur and ran up the long hill towards the entrance to Great Falls, ran down the hill to the Great Falls Lock, and came back. I got in 8.5 miles. On Saturday, I ran for an easy 7 miles on the Canal, which was sloppy and messy from all the rain and snow melting. But again, it was nice to run on the Canal again. Sunday was 12 miles before driving to NY with Beth, who is awesome =). Today I ran 8 on the hills of Westchester.


  1. Chris, based on what you observed, how iced over is the canal right now? I'm thinking of venturing down there soon.

  2. Peter, I haven't been there since Saturday, when it was wet from the rain and all the snow was melting. There was plenty of "land" showing from that rain which washed all the snow away. I'm sure there are some ice patches left still since it's so cold out but basically "runable" since there is more of the towpath showing now.