Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Snow Storm

There is a certain amount of joy I get when running in this type of weather. It toughens you up, too. I went out starting from my house and ran on some of the backroads where the plows had finally come through. I could barely see at times and the roads had hardly any road showing. I ran on the packed snow and found a decent pace. People stared. I smiled. I ended up running through neighborhoods until coming out to route 28 which is a major road that had only a few cars on going very slowly now. I ran on 28 until turning right into Dufief and ran there for a while, but the snow got deeper. The plows weren't able to keep up. Eventually, after 32 minutes, I had to turn around, only to thankfully see a snowplow coming up the hill that I was about to go down. I used what pavement the plow provided on the road and ran back the way I came. As I came up to an intersection I asked a woman walking "Is Safeway open?", she chuckled, startled to see me running replied 'yes' and I went on my way. By now I was 1 hour into my run and there was snow covering my eyebrows and eyelashes. Again, there were times when I could hardly see. I ran back to my neighborhood where another snowplow was going through. I got in 70 minutes of running, not bad.
When I got home, I shoveled the driveway.


  1. Glad you had such a great workout ;)

  2. Solid. At least you saw other people, it was a desolate wasteland of snow and plows and SUVs for me!