Monday, January 4, 2010

The Cold /63 Miles Per Week 1/3/10

Steadily the mileage builds. My legs feel stronger. The cold is making me stronger.
Although this has been my highest mileage week since October, I was due a day off on Thursday due to the fact I hadn't taken a day off in over 4 weeks. On Friday I met up with the GRC at the Line and got in 11 miles. Saturday the cold built up and the wind was strong. I met up with the GRC in Georgetown and got in another 12 miles. Sunday was much colder and I met up with Nate at the Canal to do a 14 miler. I'm glad he could meet me since I needed to run early because I had to be at work at 12:00, and I could use the company in this frigid weather. We traded spots to block eachother from the wind. Nate wore the ski mask as I wore wool socks and wind proof gloves. There was plenty of ice along the towpath and it felt like we were running on spikes. At least the sun was out. We talked about high school days and the funny fact that I was one of 5 Chris' on QO's varsity xc team IN THE SAME YEAR. Within 4 years of running for QO, there were at least 3 Chris' on the Varsity Squad every year, and a total of 6 different Chris' within 4 years.
The Glory Days of the Chris Cougars. But my name was Puffer. Some of you know that story, others will have to hear the story sometime.


  1. I can't imagine why your name would be Puffer.

  2. You should have seen him run =D