Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday, Jan 8: AM: 5, PM: 5

This morning I ran 5 miles very slow, my legs were pretty dead. After work, when I got off at 8PM, I ran another 5 miles around the Rockville Twilighter course. Unlike the Twilighter weather in July, it was COLD. FRIGID. Damn, I thought, it's gotten colder. I wore 2 pairs of pants(one tights, one dri fit pants over them), 2 longsleeves, a windproof vest, 2 hats, and 2 pairs of gloves. I was snug as a bug. It was a chilly, quiet 5 mile run in the evening. My legs felt slightly better than they did this morning. Afterwards, I met up with Beth and we went through the drive-thru to McD's to get a large Chocolate Milkshake. I don't eat McDonald's, but their milkshakes are FANTASTIC. Hits the spot just right. So we pull through the drive-thru, and after I pay the guy, he says, "Sweet Dreams." Beth and I snickered. "Uh, you too," I muttered. "I think that guy was hitting on you," Beth said. We drove off.

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  1. I would be terrified if someone at a drive-thru said "sweet dreams" as I was leaving. It sounds like something someone would say before whipping out an assault rifle and taking out the entire store! At least you got a good laugh out of it..