Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21: 15 Miles Moderate

I woke up Wednesday morning with a sore throat, a throbbing head, and an aching body. It's one thing to just have a sore throat or stuffy nose(which usually is just a minor cold), but the achy body told me something was wrong-and it wasn't just the mileage I'd been running, so I did the smart thing and immediately called the doctor and set an appointment that day. At least I had a little bit of an appetite, so I downed some oatmeal and a glass of OJ. A few hours later, the doctor told me it was a sinus infection, so I was prescribed some Pennicilin and Flonase. I slept all day...literally. I did not run. I could barely get around. Beth was nice enough to visit and bring me ice cream from cold stone, and I watched some basketball and fell asleep on the couch before trudging myself up to bed. I slept for another 12 hours, and when I woke up this morning, the aches in my body had thankfully diminished. I felt much better. In fact, I felt like running, so I waited until the afternoon to go for a run. I ended up running a 15 miler on the Canal. The first half hour I felt kinda sluggish but then I woke up a bit and cruised along moderately. Those antibiotics really do the trick. Should be around 80 miles or so this week.


  1. Glad to hear you're better, but make sure you're 100%. I started working out too soon after my cold and my body never really got over the cold completely. Just be careful.

  2. Hey Chris, I find it a bit difficult to read your text (dark blue on black background.) Would it be possible to switch your text to a lighter color, such as white?