Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 4-10: 76 Miles/Week and the Plan

This past week was a solid week of mileage that has been steadily increasing. I hit 76 miles last week. This Sunday I ran with some of my GRC teamates at the Line and got in a little over 17 miles. It was my first "real" long run in prep for the Shamrock Marathon in March. I am getting stronger. This afternoon, after my long run, I decided to get in a cross training workout so I went over to Beth's to use her brand new elliptical machine and did that for about 35 minutes. I was pretty tired after today and ate a lot to replenish.

Aerobically I am in good shape. The Shamrock Marathon, believe it or not, is only 10 weeks away. Dickson's right, I must keep the mileage up if I want to run a solid Marathon this Spring. Also, I haven't raced at all in 4 weeks, and will not race anything for another 7 weeks: the Colonial Half, which will be 3 weeks out from the Marathon. The Colonial Half Marathon will serve primarily as a tune up. Yes, it will be fast, which will be the perfect final workout for me 3 weeks out from the race. So all in all, on top of my overall fitness from 2009, I will have 11 weeks of solid training with no racing in between, and then a quick tune up half 3 weeks out from the big race. After next week, which will be around 90mpw, I will start Marathon Specific Workouts such as Marathon Pace Runs and stuff like that. My legs are beginning to get that extra "lift" to start moving faster. I felt that today during my long run when I did a mini-surge for a couple of minutes after about 15 miles. The consistent core work and "light" lifting I have continually been doing have helped as well as self massaging/stretching too.

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