Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mon, Tues, & Wed

On Monday, I ran a nice loop after work starting from the Rockville Town Center. I started on Maryland Avenue and picked up Monroe and took that through Dogwood Park up through Tower Oaks to Wooton Parkway. I then proceeded to take a right on Wooton Parkway and headed over the bridge near that Green Building that has a "slice" running through it. I eventually turned right on Hurley to head back to 28 and picked up the Millenium Trail over the bridge towards Nelson, and took Nelson back to Martins Lane and headed back towards the Town Center. It ended up being around 9 miles. I kept the pace moderate.

On Tuesday, I drove to Lake Needwood and ran on the usual trail I always run on. I had this funny feeling that I would run into Jake Marren along the way. Sure enough, 15 minutes into my run, I saw him, and we ran together for a while before going our separate ways. I got in around 10 miles. Pace was moderate.

Wednesday was just an easy 30 minutes with my dog Mickey on the Canal. I wanted to take it easy today since tomorrow I plan to do a 15 Mile Marathon Pace Workout. I did strength training today too. Overall feeling is strong.

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