Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recovered & A Big Group

The group of guys showing up to the runs has been awesome. On MLK morning, I met up with a bunch of GRC runners and ran 12+ miles at the Line. I felt really sore for the first 10 minutes but then loosened up. We picked up the pace slightly during the middle of the run which felt fine-I actually felt pretty good, and as we ran back up the hilly trails I kept it easy and made sure not to run too fast. I ran the last 12 minutes really easy. On Tuesday I did 2 short & easy runs to make sure I'd recover. In the AM I ran a comfortable 4 miles. After work around 8PM I went for another easy run and bounced along the roads of downtown Rockville feeling just fine. I got in 5 more miles. I feel awesome now so I know I am getting stronger. I am very pleased with how well I recovered 48 hours after a 21 miler.

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