Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wed, Jan 6: 10.5M

Today I met up with Dave at Old Angler's Inn for another solid distance run. He showed me some of the trails he knows and it was great. Not much snow and ice for the most part. After 23 minutes on the trails, we veered onto the canal. Thankfully, most of the snow and ice is gone on the section of the canal that we ran on today. It was nice just to cruise on the soft surface rather than jumble around on spiked ice. We turned around after a while and came back the same way. I want to do about another week and a half of just mileage(no workouts) and then I will probably start adding marathon/half marathon specific workouts. Again, mileage is steadily increasing. Should be in the 70's this week. 10.5 miles for today.

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