Monday, February 1, 2010

The 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

I always pause a moment before registering for these bigger races. One reason is because they are such big events, I want to be at the top of my game. It was the reason I hesitated before Marine Corps.

Ever since I watched Khalid Khannoucci break the world record for the Marathon at Chicago, I have set my eyes and heart on this race. I have never been to Chicago, but watching Spirit of the Marathon has given me a somewhat decent preview of the Chicago Marathon. I have wanted to wait for just the right time, the right moment of my running career to enter this race. I believe that moment is now, and beyond. I do not see myself running this race just once obviously. I will most likely run it dozens of times during my lifetime. Of course there are many others on my list, such as the incredible New York City Marathon, which my family keeps asking me everytime I visit, "Chris, when are you going to run that race so we can come watch you?"

I reply, "When the time is right, I will most certainly run it."

Chicago is no joke to me. I want to be in the shape of my life when I run this race for my first time. I want to give it everything I have. Since Marine Corps didn't go as planned, (I ran 2:57) , there is always a fear of things not going my way. The Marathon is so unpredictable.

But it's also about jumping to a new level. Right now I am a 2:38 guy trying to run 2:30. Perhaps as the year progresses I will become that 2:30 guy shooting for 2:25. The higher I climb, the higher i'll aim for, and this includes running races with stronger competition. Chicago will most certainly have the world's top competition.


  1. Well they certainly will have more top competition when you get there! 2:24:59 or bust!!!!

  2. These are the words of a man on a mission. Go for it!