Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb 7: 65 Miles/Week & Training Progress

This week was a down week with the mileage, but was still good quality with the half marathon workout I did on Tuesday. I got in a good long run in too Saturday, so right now I want to write up my progression of mileage/workouts/long runs so far for this Marathon Training Period.

This year's mileage so far(2010):

Week 1: 63m(14m med-long run)
Week 2: 80m(17.5m long run)
Week 3: 83m(13m w/ 5m @ MP, 21m long run w/ 5-6m @ MP)
Week 4: 62m(11m @ MP Workout, 15m med-long run)
Week 5: 83m(15m @ MP Workout, 14m med-long run, 18.5m long run)
Week 6: 65m(40min LT Workout, 20.5m long run)

Average(so far): 73 Miles Per Week
I feel right on track with where I want to be. 6 Weeks until the Marathon. 3 Weeks until I debut for 2010 at the Colonial Half Marathon.

The Goals: 2:31:00 Marathon, 1:11:00 1/2 Marathon

I need to do a few more critical workouts over the next 2 weeks(besides other "moderate workouts"). The critical ones are a 20 mile marathon pace run. I really want to average this run my marathon pace and feel like I have more in the tank when I finish. I was going to do this on the Canal to simulate Shamrock's flat course but unless the snow melts soon I will probably do on the treadmill. I also want to do a half marathon workout of about 1 hour or a little less at 1/2 marathon pace. The goals for these workouts would be around 1:55:00 for the 20 miles and 5:27 pace for about one hour or less for the 1/2 marathon pace workout. These feel very doable to me so once I do these my confidence will be ready and the rest will be cake before the marathon. I am preparing well.

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