Friday, February 5, 2010

Storm of the Century

This is epic. I saw this storm on a map and it is such a massive storm it practically covers Florida all the way up to DC.
I ran 10 miles this morning at Old Angler's Inn on the Canal. I wore my new Yaktrax and those things are awesome. They really give great traction and enabled me to run on the Canal(which had packed ice and snow) no problem. I recommend them if you are out training in this type of weather. I ran just when the snow started and felt pretty achy but OK and recharged. I took a rest day yesterday(wish I could've saved it for tomorrow but I really needed one yesterday) and that revived me and I felt hungry to run again. I think I am going to do a second run today of about 5 we'll see how that goes...update coming later..
UPDATE: Decided to nix the 5 mile run this evening. But doing some shoveling to make the shoveling tomorrow just a little bit easier...


  1. I can't wait till Florida and no more snow :)

  2. I got yaktrax for Christmas, love em!

  3. I can't wait till Florida either... oh wait, I'm not going. Rats.