Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tues, Feb 16: 16M@5:53 pace, 17.5M total

Today I decided to run on the treadmill since I wanted to get in a softer surface to run on. Pavement everyday is not good. I routinely try to run on soft surfaces 2x a week. The canal and any trails are for sure covered in thick snow and ice and will take forever to melt. I am starting to really miss the canal. Hopefully the snow will melt more on one of these 40 degree days coming up(keep fingers crossed!). I ran 17.5 total miles today with 16 miles averaging around 5:53 pace. I fluctuated the speed at times, running as fast as 10.5mph(5:43 pace) and back over 6:00 pace as well. I felt ok, a little achy and tired but that's to be expected especially since I ran 15 miles 2 days before. This is a hard week(really my last hard week for the marathon training). But this is good because it shows I am recovering better which is optimal for the marathon. I have decided to move the thurs workout a couple days later(the weekend) since I wanted to do a semi-hard workout today. Overall things are going well. I ran 8.5m Monday. Will see how the week progresses..

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