Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back At It

Last week I felt sluggish, depressed, and pissed off. But I slugged on through some easy runs and made sure to recover from a lot of the hard training I have been doing this year. I only ran 30 miles last week but it definitely helped me recover. This week I feel more like myself again and energetic-I should be back up to 70mpw. On Tuesday I started out on the towpath from Violette's Lock and picked up the Greenway Trail from Riley's Lock and ran out to Berryville road and looped back to Riley's eventually to return to Violette's. I got in 10 Miles and felt good, picked the pace up for about 3-4 miles during some uphill climbs. Today I ran a Dual Ferries Loop of 10+Miles-I kept the pace relaxed, and in the afternoon I led the group run from the store for an easy 4+ miles. I am starting to feel antsy and pumped to do Cherry Blossom(I am more focused on the Dismal Swamp 13.1 however).

I by no means regret the Marathon I did 10 days ago. I am not a religious person, but I do believe that there is a purpose laid out for all of us. I think these "failures" in the Marathon for me are inevitable-they are unavoidable because I am on a path. There has to be low points. You have to fail to succeed. I am 26 years old. I have plenty of years ahead to progress in the Marathon. Failing now is what needs to happen. Of course I am still running Chicago-it is going to be a major focus race-and hopefully if I play my cards right that race will go well. At the same time right now I'd rather do well in the "shorter" races(10K-13.1), run some PRs this Spring..because ultimately these "shorter" races are going to transcend to the marathon...and the ultimate goal I have for the Marathon is to run it very, very, fast. I will not settle for a 2:30:00. I want something higher, and if it means sacrificing a 2:32:00 race I might have had at Shamrock, then so be it. Because ultimately, I am aiming to achieve my full potential-whatever that may be-in the marathon.

But for right now, I'm gonna have some fun and jump in some hot races this coming April.

Cherry Blossom-4/11
Dismal Swamp 13.1-4/17
Pike's Peak-4/25

Have at it.


  1. Honest Question: why do you put Dismal Swamp over a fast 10-miler like Cherry Blossom?

  2. Jake, to answer your question, because Dismal Swamp IS a fast 13.1(top 5 were sub 1:05 last year). That's not to say I am not racing Cherry...I am looking foward to pushing another 10M PR. But this 10M is also leading up to the 13.1.

  3. can run your goal times..just keep at it and be relentless..I have had some serious trials in my running career thus far and Im telling you good things come with time and patience. Keep it up brother.