Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Energy Levels Better

After last week's lethargic week of running, I have been starting to feel more peppy on my runs. On Monday I gave myself a prescribed day off to give myself a little rest before the big dance in less than 2 weeks. On Tuesday I drove out to Edward's Ferry and ran a Duel Ferries Loop. The weather was beautiful and I fully appreciated it after the hellish winter of cold rain, sleet and snow we had. I did 1 loop of 10+ miles. The last time I was out here it was cold and raining when I was running with Karl and Reaves on a 21 miler with the last 5 hauling.

Today I ran with Nate at Old Angler's and headed south on the Canal. My legs felt better and there was more pep in my step. I didn't get hungry in the middle of my run unlike all of last week. I think my glycogen stores are more balanced now. We got in just over 80 minutes or just around 12 miles. We talked about training, goals, phases of running, etc. Another beautiful day.

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