Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Taper

I only ran 43 miles last week in anticipation of MARATHON WEEK coming up. I did a 12 week marathon cycle for this race. Marathon week should be around 60 miles. My mileage is getting better, athough compared to other marathoners, it could be much much higher. Still I averaged for the most part 70mpw and am excited to race. I think this year I will really be increasing the mileage steadily and build up to consistent 90-100mpw eventually. If I can run some decent 10k-26.2 times off the mileage I am at currently, the times and performances will really show with more mileage under my belt. Of course, quality is just as important, and I think I touched on quality very well for the past 12 weeks. The 10M/13.1M PRs speak for themselves(which I intend to lower in April.)

Week 1: 63m- (14m med-long run)
Week 2: 80m- (17.5m long run)
Week 3: 83m- (13m w/ 5m @ MP, 21m long run w/ 5-6m @ MP)
Week 4: 62m- (11m @ MP Workout, 15m med-long run)
Week 5: 83m- (15m @ MP Workout, 14m med-long run, 18.5m long run)
Week 6: 65m- (40min LT Workout, 20.5m long run)
Week 7: 70m- (10miles: 54:35 PR, 15m med-long run)
Week 8: 70m- (16m @ MP Workout(17.5m total), 17.5m @ MP Workout(19m total))
Week 9: 47m- (13.1miles: 1:12:57 PR, 6th place)
Week 10: 68m- (15m med-long run, 19m long run)
Week 11: 43m


  1. This is it man. Big weekend ahead for both of us. Let's taper well!

  2. You have been training like a beast!!! Get out there and let it rip Sloane!!! I will be around on the course yelling at you. Speaking of shamrock weekend, what time are you leaving friday? can you give me a call when you get a chance... 215-913-3481 (Joe Wiegner)