Sunday, March 7, 2010

Training Week 3/1-3/7: 68 Miles/19 Mile Long Run

This week was kind of a low point for me in terms of how I felt. I felt pretty flat/low energy on my runs(which was expected after last week's race). I think nearly everyday I got hungry/low energy/light headed in the middle of my runs(but got through them somehow). One of those days, I felt so awful during an EASY 5.5 miles, I stopped, held onto my legs as if I had been running for 100 miles. I wanted to stop and sleep. I looked around. Everything was still. So still. I felt like I was floating. What the fuck is going on? I wondered. After standing and looking confused/dazed I got going again and finished the run.

In a nutshell, I think my glycogen stores were only half full all week, until I ate A LOT Saturday night. Boy, did I EAT! I think that fixed it. Sunday morning I ran 19 on the canal(I did it on my own in the AM since I had to get to work at 12:00) but I saw Grcers just meeting up at Riley's when I passed-Jake gave me the confused question as I passed by: "Sloane, what are you doing?" LOL.

Anyway, the long run was good, I felt like I kind of woke up after a sluggish week. I kept the pace moderate and finished in 2:11:00. It felt easy, really. Now, tonight, I feel a lot more energized. Sometimes running just makes you tired, and hungry, and you need to make sure you refuel and recover. I guess I was recovering this week but also refueling at the same time. Really good Marathoners have a great ability to store fuel and use it efficiently. I am training my body to do that better and better.

More to come on training/mileage progression for 2010...

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