Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Flats!

On Wednesday I got a free pair of Mizuno flats called the Wave Musha 2 and they are AWESOME. I have been racing in the Asics DS Trainer but have been wanting to change to a flat sometime soon as my form is improving and even my footstrike I find is changing(interestingly, my last 3 miles or so of Cherry Blossom I began striking with my midfoot as opposed to my heel...I have always been a heel striker...and I have heard that striking on your midfoot is the most energy efficient way to race apparently-it's not like I have been trying to midfoot strike's just sort of happening naturally). So with that in mind, it makes sense to be moving in the "flat" direction. I took a test spin to break in the shoe and did a mile and a half warm up on the treadmill before running 11.2 mph(5:20 pace) for about 6 minutes. Amazingly I felt so light but strong and efficient. I am excited to start racing in this shoe and will debut in it this Saturday at the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half Marathon. There will be some fast guys in this race. Top 5 last year were ALL SUB 1:05:00. The course is a flat, fast out and back apparently. This is a terrific opportunity for me to get in one last longer distance race for the spring and to shoot for a sub 1:11:00 time. Under 5:25 pace would be the goal. Of course it's ambitious, yes, after the Cherry Blossom PR I just ran last Sunday. But I rested well this week( I took Monday off and ran easy distances all week other than the quick test run on the treadmill I did). So I'm eager to give it a go and tuck well into 5:20's for most of the race. This is #2 of the 3 races I have in April.

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