Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Next Level

This Spring is literally springing me to the next level in my running. Last year, my fastest 5K was 16:31. My 5K SPLIT in my 10M race Sunday was 16:25. My fastest 13.1 last year was 1:15. This year, I have run 1:12 and am aiming for a sub 1:11:00 qualifying time for the elite section of Chicago. Despite the rough marathon I had in March, I feel like the worst is behind me and things can only get better. The storm has passed. The snow is gone. Spring is here.


I have thought a lot more about preparing correctly for the Marathon..and that will include less racing. Although right now(April) is one race after another(3 races in April total), these are the conclusion races of my spring season...then I'll start over, get some rest, recover, etc. I think I am starting to look into a really good yearly plan for me: which is made up of 2 seasons: Spring and Fall...where Fall I would concentrate mainly on a big city marathon...and Spring I would concentrate on 10K-Half Marathon to work on medium-long distances. Summer's always a mix of a few 5ks or an 8k, but nothing over the top.

So in a nutshell, my key spring races this year and (probably) next year will be cherry blossom, 1 or 2 fast half marathons, a 10k...

I have immediately fallen in love with Cherry Blossom and I see what Jake is talking about on how great of a race it really is. I am already excited for next year!!!


  1. You need to run a good fast 5k! If I don't end up going to Boston this weekend, let's find a low-key race and just have some fun with it. You'd go sub 16 for sho'

  2. wait, you have the half... never mind!