Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday April 4: 6mile Tempo @ 5:20 pace/63mpw

I had a great workout today. I also ended up pretty much PRing(again!) during a workout. I decided to do a 6 mile tempo around LT pace. I ran this on the canal and ended up splitting pretty evenly after converting the mile marker times. I stretched and warmed up for 1/2 mile, and split: 5:25, 5:15, 5:20, 5:25, 5:20, 5:15. I averaged 5:20 per mile which ends up being a 33:10ish 10K-pretty much a 20 second PR in a workout. I felt pretty comfortable and made sure to stay controlled the whole way. This is a huge confidence lifter and especially since I think with some sharpening up I can really get down to low 32:00's for 10K at Pike's Peak. This was also a great workout for the upcoming 10 mile distance I get to tackle next Sunday.

Total Mileage for this week was 63. I felt much better this week than last week, that's for sure.

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