Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/23-5/30: 82 MPW

A good week overall. 82 Miles for the week-now thats more like it. I returned from Florida today. I ran this morning for an easy 8 miles before my flight and after I returned home I jogged another 4 miles with my dog Mickey. I was pretty hungry today-not used to higher miles-this was my highest mileage week SINCE JANUARY-Just shows how low mileage I have been running for a Marathoner. Nevertheless, I am feeling good and feel acclimated to the heat from being in Florida. Week in summary:

Mon-PM 10 miles
Tues-AM 13 miles, PM 4 miles
Wed-PM 7 Miles
Thurs-PM 10.5 miles
Fri-AM 8 miles, PM 7.5 miles
Sat-PM 10 miles
Sun-AM 8 miles, PM 4 miles

No long run this week other than the 13 miler but not bad overall volume. Just a good amount of running for where I'm at right now. Had a great vacation with Beth and her family as well.

Friday, May 28, 2010


The Journey Within
"My fiercest competition was always myself. If I could reach into the depths of my capabilities and perform to the greatest extent I was capable of on a given day, based on proper preparation, that’s all I could ask of myself. I try to get this across to young athletes to make them understand that they must look within themselves—not at their fellow competitors—for their dream. And when they do that, they are going to get the most out of themselves based on their training, and talent."
- US 10,000m Olympic gold medal winner Billy Mills.

Ran 8 Miles this morning, and another 7.5 in the evening. 60 Miles for the past 5 days. Would like to hit 90 miles this week. Still hot as a bitch out here. When I return to MD it will feel like a BREEZE.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Runnin on the beach

I ran on the beach today and it was great. Got in 10.5 miles and I am at 44 miles for the past 4 days. Not bad for me and the mileage is improving as well as how my legs are feeling. I'm enjoying my running right now. It feels good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naples Part 1

It's hot as balls out here. It's hot-and humid. It feels like the toughest parts of summer in DC here. I sweated my ass off today on a 13 mile run which I started way too late in the morning(I did not head out until 9:45 AM and by 11:00 it was steaming). Finished up in 1:34:00, thirsty and tired. I downed Gatorade and Water immediately when I finished. Tough running.

I ran 58 miles last week(another blah week in terms of mileage). This week is going well so far. In addition to the 13 I did this morning, I added on an easy 4.5 in the evening. I ran 10 yesterday afternoon/evening which actually didn't feel too bad once it was past 6 it got cooler. I am already getting quite tan-the sun is so much stronger here. I am also relaxing and enjoying the vacation-the water here is fantastic and Beth and I are having a great time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am in Naples, Florida this week for a vacation with Beth's family. Today we flew down early in the morning and visited Beth's Grandfather in Tampa. I ran this afternoon for an easy 10 miles but boy did I SWEAT. It is hot as balls out here. I ran out on a trail I found that was pretty shady at least. I saw no one out running. About halfway into my run, a couple of dudes on bikes passed me, and said,
"Hey mun, how you doin?"
I replied "Good, yourself?
The dude with the long dreadlocks said, "Ya I'm good mun, you are in great shape mun!"
I said "Yeah, well I am not used to this heat."
"Where you from mun?"
"Maryland," I said.
"I used to live in Baltimore," the other dude said.
"Nice state mun, good crab."
"Yeah, it is, and yes, good seafood all around!"
"Have a great one mun, keep up your runnin mun, it's a great thing you doin, god bless."
"Thanks, have a good one."

I took note of what he said and ran on through the heavy air, as they slowly rode ahead of me.

I got back hot and heavy. I am hoping to get in decent mileage next week. The past few weeks have been 50-60 miles, so the mileage has been somewhat low, the end of this week should be 65 miles, with next week hopefully being around 75-80. So I am slowly getting back up there. But again, the miles need to be HIGH this summer. I have to focus on this. I have PRed and run well off of 70 mpw in 10k-13.1. But now is the time to step it up. I have to focus on conquering the marathon.

The trial of miles, miles of trials.

Monday, May 17, 2010

WRR 2010 Winter Rankings

I got ranked #26 this time around(the highest I've ever been ranked). For me, the races used for these rankings were the Bethesda Turkey Chase(33:40-7th), Jingle All the Way 10K(33:29-9th), and, finally, the Colonial Half Marathon(1:12:54-6th). Congrats to Dirk making the #2 spot!! Also to Andy(#37) who made the list as well-he and I represent GBURG. Karl Dusen also rounded the top 12.

1 Carroll, Ryan *7 27 Portsmouth, VA
2 De Heer, Dirk ** 28 Silver Spring, MD
3 Young, Tim * 22 Fredericksburg, VA
4 Tefera, Demesse 27 Silver Spring, MD
5 Alton, Guy ** 25 Richmond, VA
6 Wardian, Michael 35 Arlington, VA
7 Molz, Jon * 23 Richmond, VA
8 Wade, Robert ** 27 Arlington, VA
9 Crane, Steve 28 Arlington, VA
10 Condit, Adam 26 Ashburn, VA
11 Vivani, Will * 27 Arlington, VA
12 Dusen, Karl ** 27 North Bethesda, MD
13 Burke, Edmund 40 Burtonsville, MD
14 Otstot, Adam * 27 Williamsburg, VA
15 Hryvniak, David 25 Chesapeake, VA
16 Dewitt, Daniel *** 22 Frostburg, MD
17 Rhodes, Tom 26 Arlington, VA
18 Burnham, David 25 Arlington, VA
19 Fishwick, Colin * 32 Washington, DC
20 Mutisya, Stephen ** 25 Richmond, VA
21 Simpson, Darren * 19 Crewe, VA
22 Oates, Doug ** 31 Hagerstown, MD
23 Angell, David * 33 Blue Ridge, VA
24 Cavanaugh, Matthew 30 Arlington, VA
25 Horner, Randy * 25 Colonial Heights, VA
26 Sloane, Christopher 26 Gaithersburg, MD
27 Probst, George * 36 Blacksburg, VA
28 Fritzius, Justin ** 25 Purcellville, VA
29 Belford, Luke 27 Baltimore, MD
30 Schneider, Rodee * 28 Washington, DC
31 Tompkins, Mark* 34 Newport News, VA
32 Peters, Gareth 30 Annandale, VA
33 Smith, Tim** 19 Roanoke, VA
34 Jacoby, Bert 27 Fredericksburg, VA
35 Borghuis, Bart 34 Arlington, VA
36 Fortin, Matt** 25 Annapolis, MD
37 Sovonick, Andrew 23 Gaithersburg, MD

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wed, May 13: 15 Miler

On Thursday I ran a 15 mile loop I designed the other day before going to work and I had a pleasantly satisfying run. There are a few areas of concrete sidewalks, but much of it is on paved paths-and half is through rock creek pretty much. I am at 40 miles for the past 4 days, so the mileage is getting better. I need to build up a lot of miles this summer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Killer 15+ Mile Loop(Rockville-North Bethesda)

Haven't run this yet but mapped it out today. It's over 15 miles. If anyone wants to run this with me one day let me know. It starts at the Rockville PR store and after crossing 355, it goes to Baltimore Road on a paved path which leads to Rock Creek Park, which you then take all the way down through Garrett Park and loop back onto knowles/strathmore ave to cross 355 again. From there you pick up Montrose Parkway(there is a paved path next to it) all the way to Tower Oaks Blvd which takes you to Wooton Parkway back to the Rockville Town Center.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 3-May 8: 60 Miles and the Cabin John Trail

After my low mileage week following Pike's Peek, I got more back into running last week and am continuing to run more miles again. On Monday, I ventured out to the Cabin Park Trail, adding on loops and exploring areas I've never run in. This is a fantastic set of trails. I am eager to run the trail which goes all the way to MacArthur Blvd at some point. I've run it twice so far, and it's not too far away from where I work which is nice. I was hoping to meet up with some MCRRC runners but I was out of luck since I made a wrong turn and by the time I got there it was too late-they had already started. I figured I would somehow find them on the trail by driving to the other end on Tuckerman and starting there but I did not see anyone. Oh well. Got in 11 miles.

It feels good not to race and just run/train. I'm hoping to get in 80 this week.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Solinsky's Run

Chris Solinsky's 10,000 meter record is one of the most beautiful American distance running records I have ever seen in my opinion. I will forever be inspired by it. It also shows what a great event the 10,000 is-track or road. I recommend anyone to watch the video of the entire race on flotrack.

The 10,000 is such a great race. It is the perfect mix of stamina, strength, and some speed. It is a grueling event that can relate somewhat to the marathon when run on a track-25 arduous laps that can be very daunting.

Before Chris Solinsky, the 27:00 minute barrier has never been broken by a non-african-born runner. Shattering the American record, becoming the first American under 27, AND the first white guy under 27 are what makes this run so special.

But even above all that achieved, the run was special in itself because of the surprise. Chris suprised and captured runners all over the world of the hidden potential of any athlete. I think a lot of athletes training very hard can relate to this(including myself). Exceeding expectations and goals is the most rewarding but rare moment that happens. It is the moment of a pure high for the competitive distance runner-that nothing has limits-there are no limits to what you can do. Chris sends a message to athletes to believe in themselves, believe in their training, and if you stick with it, you will get the ultimate satisfaction of surprising not others, but yourself of what you can do.

Congratulations Chris on an outstanding performance.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Distance Running

Middle of the week report: Just running miles this week. All easy. On Tuesday I ran on the C and O Canal starting from Swains Lock and to the Old Angler's Inn Lock to loop around the upper gravel road that veers back onto the canal and back. It is a nice 9 miler. Today I ran after work at Lake Needwood for about 11 miles before returning to the store to do the group run for an additional 5 miles. 16 for the day. I am tired.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to a Starting Point

It's May. My spring season is past. Time to get back to a starting point. Last week was a recovery week(much needed) so I only got in 31 miles last week. I was pretty shot after the spring racing season but am happy with the level I have gotten to as a runner. I am now ready for a new starting point to aim for the next level.

For me, a big thing about running has been about constantly getting to new levels. As I keep getting faster, I only look ahead on what I can do next. I get excited. It's exhilarating, this sport. For me, it's about pushing my limits to see what I am fully capable of. You can compare yourself to other runners-faster or not, but in the end it's the most rewarding to push past your own limitations. There is nothing more satisfying than running a new personal best.

I ran 12 miles today at the Capital Crescent Trail around 4:30 after work. I started off slow and comfortable and ran to the towpath and proceeded until turning around and coming back faster. I ran faster the way back(42min out/38 min back) and felt pretty damn awesome. No question I am fit. But now is a good time to start raising the mileage again. I want to run some high miles this summer, and really need to if I ultimately want to run a good marathon. My mileage just hasn't been high enough to run what I want to in the 26.2. Certainly, I was averaging 70mpw for a while, which was great for 10K-13.1 training. I think one of the biggest things I learned from this Spring is that being in shape for 26.2 is a lot different than being in shape for 10k/13.1. So I am aiming for that higher mileage, but at the same time to not overtrain. May is a non-racing month-and most of the summer is going to be just training with a few short races thrown in for good workouts. Feeling more fresh this week!