Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/23-5/30: 82 MPW

A good week overall. 82 Miles for the week-now thats more like it. I returned from Florida today. I ran this morning for an easy 8 miles before my flight and after I returned home I jogged another 4 miles with my dog Mickey. I was pretty hungry today-not used to higher miles-this was my highest mileage week SINCE JANUARY-Just shows how low mileage I have been running for a Marathoner. Nevertheless, I am feeling good and feel acclimated to the heat from being in Florida. Week in summary:

Mon-PM 10 miles
Tues-AM 13 miles, PM 4 miles
Wed-PM 7 Miles
Thurs-PM 10.5 miles
Fri-AM 8 miles, PM 7.5 miles
Sat-PM 10 miles
Sun-AM 8 miles, PM 4 miles

No long run this week other than the 13 miler but not bad overall volume. Just a good amount of running for where I'm at right now. Had a great vacation with Beth and her family as well.

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