Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am in Naples, Florida this week for a vacation with Beth's family. Today we flew down early in the morning and visited Beth's Grandfather in Tampa. I ran this afternoon for an easy 10 miles but boy did I SWEAT. It is hot as balls out here. I ran out on a trail I found that was pretty shady at least. I saw no one out running. About halfway into my run, a couple of dudes on bikes passed me, and said,
"Hey mun, how you doin?"
I replied "Good, yourself?
The dude with the long dreadlocks said, "Ya I'm good mun, you are in great shape mun!"
I said "Yeah, well I am not used to this heat."
"Where you from mun?"
"Maryland," I said.
"I used to live in Baltimore," the other dude said.
"Nice state mun, good crab."
"Yeah, it is, and yes, good seafood all around!"
"Have a great one mun, keep up your runnin mun, it's a great thing you doin, god bless."
"Thanks, have a good one."

I took note of what he said and ran on through the heavy air, as they slowly rode ahead of me.

I got back hot and heavy. I am hoping to get in decent mileage next week. The past few weeks have been 50-60 miles, so the mileage has been somewhat low, the end of this week should be 65 miles, with next week hopefully being around 75-80. So I am slowly getting back up there. But again, the miles need to be HIGH this summer. I have to focus on this. I have PRed and run well off of 70 mpw in 10k-13.1. But now is the time to step it up. I have to focus on conquering the marathon.

The trial of miles, miles of trials.

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  1. I've got a lot of family in Tampa as well...if you're near downtown, check out the bike path along Bayshore Blvd. It'll be warm this time of year, but it's pretty scenic.