Friday, May 28, 2010


The Journey Within
"My fiercest competition was always myself. If I could reach into the depths of my capabilities and perform to the greatest extent I was capable of on a given day, based on proper preparation, that’s all I could ask of myself. I try to get this across to young athletes to make them understand that they must look within themselves—not at their fellow competitors—for their dream. And when they do that, they are going to get the most out of themselves based on their training, and talent."
- US 10,000m Olympic gold medal winner Billy Mills.

Ran 8 Miles this morning, and another 7.5 in the evening. 60 Miles for the past 5 days. Would like to hit 90 miles this week. Still hot as a bitch out here. When I return to MD it will feel like a BREEZE.

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