Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Killer 15+ Mile Loop(Rockville-North Bethesda)

Haven't run this yet but mapped it out today. It's over 15 miles. If anyone wants to run this with me one day let me know. It starts at the Rockville PR store and after crossing 355, it goes to Baltimore Road on a paved path which leads to Rock Creek Park, which you then take all the way down through Garrett Park and loop back onto knowles/strathmore ave to cross 355 again. From there you pick up Montrose Parkway(there is a paved path next to it) all the way to Tower Oaks Blvd which takes you to Wooton Parkway back to the Rockville Town Center.

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  1. wow, three pairs of shoes...yea i think you have turned into a brand whore ;) at least you have joined me with the asics!