Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naples Part 1

It's hot as balls out here. It's hot-and humid. It feels like the toughest parts of summer in DC here. I sweated my ass off today on a 13 mile run which I started way too late in the morning(I did not head out until 9:45 AM and by 11:00 it was steaming). Finished up in 1:34:00, thirsty and tired. I downed Gatorade and Water immediately when I finished. Tough running.

I ran 58 miles last week(another blah week in terms of mileage). This week is going well so far. In addition to the 13 I did this morning, I added on an easy 4.5 in the evening. I ran 10 yesterday afternoon/evening which actually didn't feel too bad once it was past 6 it got cooler. I am already getting quite tan-the sun is so much stronger here. I am also relaxing and enjoying the vacation-the water here is fantastic and Beth and I are having a great time.

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