Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/14-6/20: 84 Miles/Week

Good runs this week. All distance. Some faster, some slower. General overall mileage is increasing. I feel tired some days, but also feel really good on others.

Sum of the Week:

Monday: Ran EZ 4 miles with Mickey on the Canal(very hot and humid day), got caught in downpour which felt unbelievable and refreshing. Had to clean off the dog though.

Tuesday: Ran with the Sunrays club team for about 30 minutes before running a steady 2 miles on the track with Chris in 11:54(a 1:58 INDOOR 800 meter guy who's going to Clemson in the fall). He is in good shape and has potential to run very well in college. Ran an additional 50 minutes afterward on my own to get in 13 for the day.

Wednesday: I decided out of the blue to treat myself to a solo serene long run in the middle of the week. I drove out to difficult run after getting off work at 3pm to explore the great falls area. I pleasantly found a trail that led to Riverbend and ventured even furthur out. It got hilly furthur out! Eventually I turned around after about an hour and called it 17 for the day.

Thursday: Sunrays practice at 4pm again. Ran 50 minutes with the team, then added 45 more minutes on my own. 13 for the day.

Friday: Tired. I woke up from my afternoon nap when Joe called me. I was glad he did, since it got my ass out of bed to finally get my late afternoon/evening run in. Met Joe and Andy at Seneca Creek Park around 6pm, ran for about an hour with them, added on after to make it 11 miles.

Saturday: AM: 7 miles easy, tired.
PM: 5 miles after work in the late evening(after 8:00), felt better.

Sunday: PM: 14 slow miles starting from Old Angler's Inn and looping back onto MacArthur Blvd. Finished around 8PM when it was cooler. Hot day.

Total: 84 miles

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