Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sat, June 12: 16 Miles + 10K Tempo

I ran Lawyers Have Heart 10K this morning as a nice tempo. I warmed up for about a mile, did a few strides, and went on my way to the start. I delightfully found Karl, Joe, Scott, and Neal before the start of the race. I have been feeling pretty good and wanted this to be a very solid effort. 5:30 pace was the general area I was shooting for or faster if I felt good. I started out a little fast(I think first mile was low 5:20's), but settled into a pretty good rhythm of upper 5:20s. I went through 5K in 16:55 and felt pretty good turning around and picked off a couple guys. The second half was a little slower(17:20) but it was ok with me-I ended up still averaging exactly 5:30 pace. I ended up 7th place and finished in 34:16. Interestingly, 34:16 was my PR in 2008. Afterward, I ran with Joe, Karl, and Scott for about 20 minutes before turning around to run an additional 40 minutes on my own. I wanted this to be a high mileage day. I am starting to get into the zone of Marathon Training at this point. My legs are getting into it. The mileage is almost 60 after today and I am hoping to get in a decent amount tomorrow to sum up a solid amount this week.

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