Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday, 6/6: 5K Workout, 17.5 Miles, 71 MPW

A pretty good week. I have been doing more doubles and just trying to ease back into training hard. Most of my runs have been at a modest pace so this Sunday I decided to crank it up and jump in the Capital Crescent 5K and use it as a solid workout. The goal was to not race but just run hard and stay aerobic(meaning to not dig into lactic acid build up afterwards). I was pleasantly happy with how I felt(other than the horrendous heat and humidity), and it felt good to move the legs fast. I was leading much of the way with a runner whom I did not know hanging on to me until the final stretch where he surged ahead. I had no response to it because A) I did not have a kick, and B) this was a workout. So I hung my head in and ran through the end in 16:18. I did not really have a goal time or pace, just to run hard and break the ice a little bit. I have been doing decent volume(though the mileage should get much much higher later this summer) and running slow for the most part so again, this felt good. I ran another 6 miles after the race, and later in the day after work, jumped on the Cabin John trail for an additional 6.5 miles, total of 17.5 miles for the day. 71 Miles for the week.

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