Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eye on the Prize/July 12-18: 68 Miles/Week

After 100 Miles last week, I took this week as a down week. My body felt kind of "off" with the lower mileage week but it was a good idea considering I haven't gone under 70 in over 2 Months. I did the Rockville Twilighter 8K on Saturday night and unexpectantly ran a lot slower than I thought I would. I wanted to crack the 26:00 barrier which seemed feasible since my 8K PR is a 26:19 SPLIT during my 10K PR this past spring. But it was hott. And I have been training high mileage specifically for the marathon. I must keep my eye on the prize. I'm not supposed to be peaking for an 8K right now anyway! Sometimes I just get caught up in times and forget that I went out there and competed(as well as get a very strong workout in). Lucinda helped gear that in my head afterwards. I competed well, and actually finished highest I ever have in this race-I placed 25th. And I passed people the entire way even though my splits got slower. So all in all, I have to think positively about this because the MARATHON is the GOAL. On another note it's good to run a time you would've been thrilled with last year and want to run much faster. That is where I was with this race. Running 26:50 last year would've left me thrilled, but to me now the time is just another run. I suppose it is technically a course PR for me(2 secs faster than last year). Congrats to Lucinda for placing 4TH OVERALL! And by no means is she training specifically for 8K right now, the marathon is in her sight as well. I cooled down with her afterward for about 30 minutes. Towards the end of the cooldown I noticed my blood sugar got reaaaaally low so I made sure to replenish afterward. this race is so late sometimes it just does crazy things to your body's glycogen stores.

I decided to knock out my long run this morning and met up with Lucinda again who ran one loop of duel ferries with me and then I ran an additional 7 miles on my own to make it a 17.5 miles long run. Pace was moderate: 2 Hours duration. I was pretty tired after and the heat was getting bad as well. I took a nice nap this afternoon. Only 68 miles this past week, will begin running normal mileage again next week-and probably get my body feeling more normal too. It's amazing how your body adapts to the higher mileage and is more comfortable staying in that zone because it is used to it.

By the way thanks to everyone cheering in the race last night-my girlfriend Beth(you are-as-always the best), Ashwin, and all the GRC guys/Pelkey, etc. It was a fun event!

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