Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4: Autism 5K/19 Miles/77 Miles Per Week

This past week totaled 77 miles, a down mileage week after hitting 90 the week before. Sum of this past week:
Mon: PM: 11 miles on own on Canal
Tues: PM: 10 miles w/ Luci @ Cabin John Trails
Wed: PM: 5 miles EZ w/ Mickey on Canal
Thurs: AM: 9 miles @ Sunrays club practice, PM: 5 miles plus 6x200m on track
Fri: 5 miles EZ on roads in Rockville after working Packet Pickup for Autism Speaks 5K
Sat: AM: 12 miles w/ Charlie, Patrick, and Jake-started from Georgetown and ran on the Canal towards Chain Bridge-took that across to VA and ran South until Lee Hwy which we took to the trail that went over route 66 and back to the Key Bridge. Added on at the Canal once back in Georgetown.
Sun: AM: I jumped in the Autism Speaks 5K and warmed up for 2.5 miles before heading over to start. The goal was to run an honest effort and get a good workout in. 3 Africans surged to the front with a gap between me and them. After Mile 1: 5:09, I began to reel them in. Mile 2: 10:19. Ran pretty even and caught #s 2 & 3 just before a mile to go. My last mile was kinda slow(5:20ish) but it was all uphill so I think I was pretty even throughout. Ended up 2nd place overall and won $150. Time: 16:19. Afterwards, I cooled down with Andy, Jordan, and Aaron for 2.5 miles or so. But I wasn't finished running yet. After receiving my award, I drove to the Old Angler's Inn Lock and ran an additional 70 minutes on the towpath, suffering in the heat a bit more. It was a good workout, I got in 19 miles for the day. Definitely so much stronger than last year! This coming week will be high mileage. Should be around 100 miles or more this week.

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