Saturday, August 7, 2010

Approaching 120

I am approaching 120 miles this week, the highest mileage by far that I have ever run. This is only a taste of what Chris Raabe(2:15 marathoner) normally does. I am pretty tired. Most days I feel only 50%. I am usually tired the first part of the run before waking up and feeling great the 2nd half. 2 hours of running doesn't seem that long to me anymore. I haven't really been running fast, all of the running is done at a moderate level. Some days I am running 8min pace no faster. Nevertheless, I feel really fit. I think I've lost some weight though. The UPS guy I normally see at the store pointed out that I look thinner. I've been eating though. Today I downed a whole personal pizza and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. Next Sunday I will have a STEAK when we go out for Beth's birthday. As the saying goes, "if the furnace is hot enough, it will burn anything." But fuel is essential at the same time. So I have been making sure to replenish as well as rehydrate. Tomorrow is the final day of the 120 mile-to-be week. The next 2 weeks after I will shoot for 80-85 with quality workouts-80-85 sounds like a breeze right now!

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