Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 23-29: 97 Miles/Week

Good week getting the mileage up again. I felt really good some days and a little tired Sunday. Overall good running and feeling smoother on some runs where my stride is opening up and running very fluidly and fast. Doing the EZ AM runs with my dog Mickey has really helped with my recovery runs.

Monday: AM: 5 miles w/ Mickey @ Canal
PM: 8.5 miles @ Canal

Tuesday: PM: 11 miles on Muddy Branch Trail(really enjoyed this new trail!)

Wednesday: AM: 8 miles on Canal
PM: 5 miles EZ after work in Rockville

Thursday: PM: 16 miles @ Lake Needwood, finished 2nd half fast with smooth, open stride

Friday: AM: 4 miles EZ w/ Mickey
PM: 10.5 miles with Joe @ Needwood, + 1M added on, total 11.5 miles moderate

Saturday: AM: CJs C and O Canal 5K: 17:15, tempo pace, 1st place, 4.5 miles total

Sunday: AM: 5 miles w/ Mickey @ Canal
PM: 18 miles in Rock Creek after work, moderate

TOTAL: 97 Miles

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