Monday, August 16, 2010

A little Recovery & Tune-Up

I took last week as a down week. I only ran 52 miles, but I ran every day. I for sure needed it. My body was shot after all the mileage the week before, and it demanded some necessary rest. Again, this high mileage stuff is still really new to me. But, I think in the long haul, it is going to transcend to my true potential as a marathoner. Despite running better PRs in 10K-13.1M, I've always believed that my body's ultimate ability to truly run at its best lies in the Marathon. On another note, despite only 52 last week, I have really only taken ONE day off from running all summer(since May).

So, the lower mileage last week helped me recover. Now I am turning up the intensity a bit with a nice half marathon this coming Saturday in Parkersburg, WVA. It is a rolling hills course and should be a great run to turn up the speed. I have been doing a few runs at 5:20 pace although I don't think I am ready to run THAT fast yet.

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