Sunday, September 26, 2010


This morning I felt the best I have ever felt on a run. The training I have done all summer and even all year has really paid off. Now hopefully if I have played my cards right it will show in the Chicago marathon. I do feel ready. I ran just under 20 Miles this morning as a final long run but i made sure not to run too hard. The goal was to run by feel and set the pace on cruise so it wasn't supposed to be hard. I was surprised at how loose i felt starting and found myself zoning out running just under 6:00 pace the whole way. It felt easy-almost too easy. I couldn't believe how good i felt even finishing up. Have i gotten this much faster? I thought. It was hard to hold myself back picking up the pace.-but i stayed in control. Anyhow i finished just under 20 miles in under 2 hours. I definitely accomplished what i wanted to do, and didn't dig into the red zone at all. So i feel like i am on target. I am learning a lot more about marathoning through self experience, and self coaching. Still though, I really hope i get this one right. Despite all of my other prs in other distances over the past year, i haven't had a good marathon. Perhaps i am ready to finally pr. Or, maybe i am ready to run 540s and break 2:30:00.? Nah, i cant be that fast yet, or am i? These are the thoughts of prerace, what is possible and what will be my strategy on race day? This will come, and i do want to run as evenly as possible, as this is the way i run well..60 miles for the week. The mileage has been conservative the past couple of weeks. The taper is underway.

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