Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/28: 2x2Mile, 1XMile

Today I did a really solid workout on the C and O Canal. I met up with Lucinda who also was doing a workout of her own. We warmed up together for 2.5 miles before doing our own separate paces. I zoomed into cruise control running 10:20(5:07, 5:12) for the first 2 miles, then stopped and rested for about 1 minute, jogged around, and started up again, this time splitting 10:15(5:12, 5:02)...these mile markers aren't very accurate....but I ran by feel and felt very in control the whole way-nice and consistent. After the second 2 mile session, I ran for one more mile, and ran the last mile harder-striding out and really lifting my knees, hitting 5:00. Overall, I'm not that concerned about times, more so on effort, and the effort was good. I will hit the track soon and then we will see some more accurate times. I feel the speed creeping up. I might even hit an indoor 5K this winter and shoot for a major PR. Afterwards I waited for Lucinda to finish as it was getting really dark out. We both had solid workouts today. About 9 total for the day.

Tonight I talked to Beth more about being upset with how the Chicago Marathon went and how I have all this pent up energy now. She has really helped me look ahead and not dwell too much about it. So talking to her has really helped my mental game, and I cannot appreciate enough the support that she gives me.

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