Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As I look back on the Marathon a few days ago, and have had some time to absorb the tough run I had, I do not regret doing it. Yes it was a tough and frustrating day, but in the end, I know it makes me stronger. All of these "down" marathons I've done the past few years(with the exception of Frederick) have made me tougher, stronger, and wiser-it is only a matter of time before I get a breakout marathon race. But at the same time, I need some time off from the marathon, focus on the shorter distances, and get back to it when I'm ready to attack again.

Although these last marathons I've done have not gone the way I wanted, after anaylzing my overall paces in the races I have seen a progression.

The progressions are outlined below(more so for my record to see what has happened here)

These stats are showing my best times each year for the half marathon as well as the 1st half marathon split of each marathon I ran, regardless of finishing time.

Baltimore 2007- 1:20:57 at HALF

San Diego 2008-1:19:41 at HALF, BEST 13.1M TIME: 1:17:37

Frederick 2009-1:20:00 at HALF, 2:43:00 FINISH, BEST 13.1M TIME: 1:16:16
Marine Corps 2009-1:18:28 at HALF, BEST 13.1M TIME: 1:15:32

Shamrock 2010-1:17:30 at HALF, BEST 13.1M TIME: 1:12:57
Chicago 2010-1:16:50 at HALF, BEST 13.1M TIME: 1:12:57

After analyzing this, what was once my best time in the 13.1M distance has now become my half marathon split during the marathon. I may not have held the pace I was going, but the key thing is that I wasn't racing just 13.1. So there is improvement in disguise I suppose, even though my last best Marathon time was a year and a half ago, I am so much fitter/faster now. My body has changed and sustains certain paces in workouts that were once races.

So, yes I was upset about my result at Chicago, but I never look at it as a waste of time. There is no question I have improved my fitness, I am stronger than I was before, I have run the most mileage I ever have, and most importantly, I am healthy. If I can keep these things going the Marathon performance will come in time. But for now, I am resting up this week and should be doing some light running soon and preparing for my late fall/winter 10k season. I am finally looking ahead.

My 2011 race schedule is in the works, although I have no idea what I will do next fall-of course it is way to early before then, but because I self coach, I like to plan a year's ahead. But for right now I have the Spring sharpening up.

The definite races I have lined up for 2011 are:

Shamrock Half Marathon March 20 2011
Cherry Blossom 10 Miler April 3 2011
Pikes Peak 10K April 24?? 2011


  1. Chris - i normally wouldnt say suggest something so ridiculous, but if i were you id double down and run MCM. You will have a friend in charles ban, youve done the work, youre not too banged up and you could knock it out of the park and end the year on a good note.

    The question is - do you have anything to lose? Maybe you do.

  2. Jake, a solid suggestion, but, the Marathon is over. If I was going to run 2:32:00 I would have at Chicago...even with the warm weather...hell at Frederick I ran 2:43 during a downpour and in trainers with one shoe untied. One day the Marathon will come, but I will not try again until furthur in the future. For now, I am shifting gears and getting ready for my 10K late fall/winter season-which is what I would lose if I did MCM probably.

  3. furthur in the future?! do you mean by Apr 18, 2011 in Boston Marathon?