Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nov 29-Dec 5: 70 Miles/Week

Good Mileage Week-70 Miles. Hah, it's funny though, over the summer, 70 miles was nothing for me...I was hitting up to 115 MPW training for the Chicago Marathon at the time...

But I am not planning to run another Marathon anytime soon. (Though I will get the mileage higher again soon(mid 80's). Right now I have one more race to end my 2010 year: Jingle All the Way 10K! This is a great race and I am looking foward to kicking in my 3rd and final 10K of the season. I worked a lot on sharpening up this week as well as endurance work. No crazy workouts, though this week I have one final planned workout on the track probably. I did 200 meter reps on the track last week to sharpen up my speed, and also did some fartleks on a nasty hill nearby my apartment. Thanks to Joe who suggested the route on Tilden Lane-a great rolling hills road that really gives strength a good test.

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