Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wed, 12/22: 8X400s

Today after getting off work at 4:00, I went to the Richard Montgomery Track to do 8X400 meter repeats w/ 400 jog recovery. This was pure speed work, which has never come naturally to me. I've always viewed it as work for my body, whereas cruise intervals or lactate threshold workouts or even marathon pace workouts come so naturally to me. But work is good. This is the perfect time for me to work on my speed. I hit the first 400 in a slow 74, but then hit the next intervals in 69, 69, 67, 68, 68, 68, 68. Felt pretty good overall, and considering I was doing 200s last week in 33s, I am progressing nicely. Did the workout in my Saucony Kinvaras.

At the same time, I have been returning to more "normal" mileage. Monday I ran 11 miles and Tuesday I ran 12 miles. I am debating whether I want to jump in a new years day 5k or not. I know I definitely want to run the indoor 5k at the Maryland Invitational on Jan 22. I think I should be able to run about 15:30. After the 5K though my focus will be on the Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon. My goal for this race is what I think is very realistic: 1:10:00.

Then there will be Cherry Blossom, Pikes Peak, and perhaps the Broad Street 10 Miler....

But for now, it's the heart of winter, and I continue to train...

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