Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/11: 2X1600, 1X800, 1X400

Last Track Workout today before the 5000m this Saturday. Did 2x1600m with plenty of rest between each set. The idea of this workout was to rest enough so I was well recovered. I hit the 1600s in 4:58 and 4:55. Felt good to get the engine going. I then threw on my Nike Zoom Victories and did some test runs in them. Boy, did these shoes feel GOOD. I did 1X800 which felt very fast the first lap(and it was-I stupidly went through in 65) and I hit 2:18 for the 800-not exactly even-but quick!(for me). I then threw in a 1X400 for a final interval and hit 64. Quality Workout Overall-I am ready.

I have a good goal for Saturday's race: sub 15:30.

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