Sunday, January 9, 2011

72 Miles/Week for the past 2 weeks

I have hit 72 miles this week and the week before. I did a long run last week of about 20.5 miles and this week's long run I ran about 19.5 miles, at the same place, Carderock. One of my New Year's Goals is to get used to running 20 or more miles like it's second nature. I did do speedwork this week of 4x800 and will continue that as well especially with the 5000 coming up. I am also getting excited about my 2011 racing schedule. There are many unknowns yet still for 2011, particularly in the fall-but that is a ways off from now. The Spring I am pretty much set for-I know what I am doing for my peak races in March and April. I am on the fence about adding Broad Street 10 Miler on May 1-it may also not be doable since my dad is getting remarried on April 30.

This week I will get a good idea of what kind of 5000m pace to aim for. I'm thinking 3x1600m w/ 400m jog between sets this week. I feel like 4:55s would be optimal and a good goal pace. I am long overdue for a 5K PR-time to get some confidence.

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